Dedication is Our Ethos

Dedication may sound like a buzz word, but to us it is our ethos.

We are dedicated to making your goals a reality, and your problems a distant memory.

From start to finish, we will always have your back.

Areas We Excel At

Data Law

Data Breaches Happen. We Can Help.

Privacy Law

GDPR and U.S. Privacy Compliance.

Intellectual Property

Protect Your Business’s Most Valuable Asset.

Sales and Use Tax

Advanced Knowledge of California Sales and Use Tax.

Single Asset LLC

Single Asset Entities, or Single Purpose Entities, are valuable tools for protecting assets, real estate, and yachts.

A Few Key Services

State Trademarks

A California State Trademark may be critical in protecting your brand.

Business Transactions

We specialize in business transactions of all types.

Vendor Contracts

Review and negotiation of third party vendor contracts.

Business Organization

All aspects of business formation. From conception to sale, we can help.